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But nothing in India is identifiable, the mere asking of a question causes it to disappear and merge into something else.
E.M. Forster

Colorful street advertising sign saying "Love Everything in Photography" in Margao, India
Colorful shop with old advertising sign offering "TV Electronics" and drinks and snacks in India
Old colorful street sign in India saying "Rooms Available, Best & Cheap"
Red and white street traffic sign In India saying "One Way"
Colorful street advertising sign offering "Daily Goa Package Tours" in Goa, India
Six black and white street signs in Hampi, India regarding "Citizen's Rights Protection"
Old colorful street sign in India saying "Keep The City Clean"
Black and white street sign in India saying "Working Hours 8am to 9pm"
Colorful street sign for a shop offering tea, coffee and snacks in India
Black and white paper sign at internet café saying "Newly Installed Computer" in India
Wall sign in India saying "Do Not Cause Nuisance, Do Not Urinate"
Old black and white street sign in Mamalapuram India warning "Rooms Cost More if A Tout Takes You"
Colorful "Tourism Police" sign at the police station in India with motorbike in the front.
Very old "Riksja Stand" street sign in India
Bollywood street poster saying 'I Trust Only Speed' with surrounding riksja's and their drivers.
Street sign in India saying "Contact Rainbow" with street lamps and tower.
Beach police sign in India, Gokarna saying "Don't Risk Your Life Getting In To Sea"
Black and white street banner saying "Breaking of Rules Leads to Breaking of Bones" with surrounding people in India
Street sign in India saying "Red Means Stop".