• Where & WhenIndia, 2006-2010
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Kill me but spare the cow.
― Lokmanya Tilak

Black and white detail of a cow's eye in South-India
Detail of a white cow's ear, eye and red rope in South-India
Black and white close-up photo of a bathing water buffalo in the holy river Ganges in Varanasi, India
Street with riksja, old sign, people and posing cow in Gokarna, South-India
Black and white photo of a no parking sign and a very old cow in Gokarna, South-India
A sleeping cow on the beach in Gokarna, South-India
A white cow finding her dinner in a garbage container in the streets of South-India
A shop, a cow standing on a garbage belt, a dog, filthy walls and two men peeing on the dirty street of Margao, South-India
A grass field with a woman herder and her buffaloes in South-India
Sculpture of Camadhena, the Indian Hindu Cow God in South-India