• Where & WhenIndia, 2006-2010
  • Shooting MoodFaithful
A colorful Buddha in blue and yellow with third eye adorns a wall in Varanasi, India
A praying Buddha sculpture collecting coins from devotees, under a tree in South-India
Black and white detail photo of a stone Buddha sculpture
A colorful Ganesh surrounded by rope in South-India
Black and white photo of the Shiva cart with dragons and Ganesh statue during the Shivaratri festival in Gokarna, South-India
Black and white photo of a stone Ganesh sculpture in Gokarna, South-India
A decaying and abandoned Ganesh sculpture lies between flowers and old leaves in Gokarna, South-India
Close-up detail in black and white photo of an old wooden door with ohm symbol and iron handle in South-India
Close-up of the ohm symbol in South-India
Colorful photo of the Shiva Trident adorned with flowers in South-India