That Photo Feeling

How do you feel about your photography?

An audio/visual extension of host Andy McSweeney‘s life and love of photography, from photo chats on the regular (podcast) to a weekly recap (tv) to community discussion (clubhouse).


That Photo Feeling Podcast

Chats with other photographers and Andy’s solo ramblings via
Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherYoutube
(Formerly This Photo Life)

That Photo Feeling TV

Weekly live stream recap of Andy’s week in photography, photo tutorials.
Live (and on the replay) Sundays @8pm CET via
FacebookYoutube & Twitch
(Formerly Andy’s Photo Show)

That Photo Feeling on Clubhouse

Join Andy LIVE for regular photo talks on Clubhouse.
Monday / Wednesday / Friday 4:30pm CET (UK+1hr)
Join in via this Clubhouse link (and surely follow Andy here)