Photographer on the Loose – Photo Guide as Photo Tour Brugge – Host of That Photo Feeling – Photo Coach & Consultant – Retired DJ of All Things Groovy
Photo: Tom Brinckman
Photo: Tom Brinckman

Andy as “Photographer on the Loose”

This title on my business card isn’t just for snappy marketing, it’s a statement of who I am both as a photographer as well as simply Andy McSweeney the person.

The photo work: Blessed to say mixed and varied from:

  • People portraits both formal and informal.
  • Life events from wedding delights to what’s simply sitting on the street
  • Urban landscapes and architecture either outdoors or inside,
  • Even some local press work as things went upside down in 2020.
  • Published author of 2 photobooks and counting down to the next one…


The Process: Photography is both play and passion so the lines are blissfully blurred.
I work a process of poring over preparation towards play on the day (some might say “keeping it Loose”), obviously focused but certainly moving with the flow of the moment. My ADHD also helps this “on the Loose” mindset, “disability” my ass…

Andy as Photo Tour Brugge

I founded Photo Tour Brugge in 2012 as a daily tour for photographers from casual to pro, the idea born out of seeing camera-carrying tourists falling behind the others in a non photo-focused group due to the extra time it takes to catch the moment on the lens.

Starting as a city tour more than photography workshop, it quickly exploded from “let’s get you to the right sights in the right light” to “let’s do that… and how can I help you with your photography along the way?” quickly, turns out I’m a top photo buddy (or so say the reviews) !

Andy as Photo Coach and Consultant

A more recent credit to claim correctly, my experience of helping over 2000 photographers either as Photo Tour Brugge or beyond has exposed and nourished my skill as a fresh set of eyes on your photography. 

Andy (aka And0man) as Retired DJ of All Things Groovy

I once loved music SO much… I left cameras 100% cold for 7 years to chase that groove hard as a DJ.

Long story in itself and 1200+ vinyls to prove it, ask me all about it over a beer in Brugge. 😉