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Photo: Tom Brinckman
Photo: Tom Brinckman

I’m a “Photographer on the loose”, thanks to being the guy who runs as Photo Tour Brugge.

That tour is where I share my photos and either hopefully educate and/or inspire my guests/students photography. Love my job and helps keep me largely shooting from the heart.

Before that (and living in Brugge since 2001), traveled here and there and a bit more on top since leaving my native Montreal Canada in 1994. Lots of spots but London (UK), India and Portugal are among the longest and most favored along the way to here in Belgium.

Currently enjoying a bit extra freedom with my photography (next to duties with the photo tour of course), over 2016 shooting pursuits are largely focused around people and life in Brugge, street to events to as many moments as I can get into with the camera.