With Clubhouse opening up on Android and this audio-only social media app having cultivated a top spot for the global photo community… Andy talks to Clubhouse photographers about Clubhouse for photographers.

See below the links for a listing of photographers, industry and interesting folk, and photo clubs worth a follow.


That Photo Feeling: https://thatphotofeeling.com

Andy’s site: https://andymcsweeney.com

Photo Tour Brugge: https://phototourbrugge.com 

Andy on Clubhouse: https://joinclubhouse.com/@andymcphoto 


(all listings in 100% random order)

Photographers on Clubhouse to Follow

Andy McSweeney (that’s me!)

Chelsea Lauren


Peter Hurley

Tom Hoops

Danny Michel

Richard Waine

Stefan Bollinger

Michael Lee

Tom Wright

Jordan Grobe

James Lavish

Paul Bellinger

Top Flight

Scott Rozenthal

Jerry Avenaim


Dallas Logan

Isaac Alvarez

Gladstone Redwood-Sawyer

Danielle Noel Hawthorne

Benjamin Kanarek

Photo Industry People on Clubhouse to Follow

Ryan Hornby

Cent Magazine

Debra Weiss

Elias Gozal


Clubs on Clubhouse to Follow

That Photo Feeling (that’s my club!)

Behind the Lens

Photo Fluf

fPeter Hurley’s Photography Banter

Photography Period

The Artist Lab

Photography Masterclass


Non photo Clubs on Clubhouse to Follow

Finding Your Voice

Whisky and Cigarettes

The Chill House

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