Andy has a long and wide chat with accomplished portrait photographer, instructor and all around top fella Frank Doorhof on shared love of bikes and comics before hitting hard into the camera and photo talk of all kinds. See index & times below…

Topics & Timings:

0:00 Hi Frank & how’s it been over 2020?

5:05 Comics & cinema & music & resetting the mental speedometer

10:15 Frank visits the Secret Stash!

13:53 Compositional considerations

19:45 Focal lengths & lenses for portraits

28:00 Getting to know Sony for reviews

33:00 Fujifilm & medium format

36:20 Innovation and what do you actually need (or: Yet more G.A.S.?)

43:45 Best gear is the old gear

49:50 What’s truly precious & keeping consistent

59:46 Billing and training your client

1:03:45 Start with your scales (music & photography)

01:13:00 Educating and the individual

01:21:00 Portrait Psychology and Peter (and Batman!)

01:26:40 Lighting up K.I.S.S.

01:33:41 Egos & lack thereof from the Kelbyone crew to Brian May

01:44:08 Mrs Frank is Fantastic & Tradeshow Travels

01:55:16 Holiday Shooting with the Smartphone

01:57:20 How do you feel about your photography?

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