This episode we chat with Suzanne Porter about her fascinating journey in photography, from her NGO humanitarian shooting  globally (with an emphasis on Africa) before settling down in Morocco to open her photo tour in Marrakesh in 2009.

The story certainly doesn’t stop there: in 2019 she started as a currated directory of photo workshops for the traveling shutterbug to find the best tours and workshops.

We go deep into all that and more including on street portraiture in strange lands, lovely lady with an amazing story to tell beyond her photos, I feel the same with her Clik Trip work and a pleasure to sit down with to hear her story.


Suzanne Porter:

Clik Trip:

Clik Trip Twitter & Instagram: @cliktripphoto

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Photo Tour Brugge: Use promo code “thishotolife” on checkout for -15% off any tour.

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