A slightly delayed episode release thanks to things going slightly to poop… So we talk about that in photography and otherwise.

Also, some thoughts from the recent Costumes in Bruges event on event photography and managing crowds of cameras both crazy or casual.


Costumes in Bruges: costumesinbruges.com

Strabo Photo tours – Holland 1 Belgium: Live it, Love it, Shoot it : https://phototc.com/tours/holland-and-belgium-live-it-love-it-shoot-it/

Andy’s website: www.andymcsweeney.com , @andymcphoto on Instagram & twitter

Photo Tour Brugge: www.phototourbrugge.com
Use the promo code “thisphotolife” on checkout for -15%.

DJ Biaz: www.soundcloud.com/biaz & www.bandcamp.com/biaz

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