Perhaps my best tutorial so far (I’ve got only a tiny media budget or time windows haha) and especially considering the madness of filming it during “Costumes in Bruges” where the Venetian-masked “Regards Vénitiens” performance group TAKE OVER the already-magical city of Brugge (Bruges) Belgium with simply breathtaking beauty.

Started in 2015 by Discover Brugge and with 2020 sponsored by Photo Tour Brugge (that’s me) and Shopping Brugge, Costumes in Bruges is simply ***35-100 performers*** hold a yearly free street parade in January, happily posing for a mass of cameras from holiday selfies to thirsty and serious photographers alike.

The sight of all this (and it’s something to behold , see the promo video via the link below) is something well worth a photo and I thought this modest and silly video might help.

Far from perfect or complete and simply something I thought would be nice to do for promo of the event for 2020 and beyond, get a few tips out to help better photos for all, not to mention have some fun with friends & family as I get a step further on making tutorials that excite me towards making more.

…It’s about having fun* and even at work**, photos are just the bonus. 😉

(*Fun without being a dickhead, you’ll see it about halfway in the vid.)
(**Boy was it work! Slept real well after that weekend and didn’t even show you the Nocturne night show.)

Costumes info & maps –

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