Ibarionex Perello

On today’s This Photo Life I have a special guest indeed, I was lucky enough to interview the wonderful Ibarionex Perello and still can’t believe it actually happened: First guest that wasn’t the wife or a good buddy here in Brugge, guess anything’s possible! 🙂

Ibarionex is an accomplished street & people photographer, instructor via his workshops & publications as well as his weekly show The Candid Frame. His work either on the camera or on the microphone has been a big influence on my own works both visual and (now with this podcast) audio.

We discuss starting projects both photo and otherwise, being a photography instructor & member of the community, and even get real about the state of gear releases and the “reviews” that follow on announcement day among other babbles.

Ibarionex’s website: www.ibarionex.net

The Candid Frame Photography Podcast:  www.ibarionex.net/thecandidframe

Ibarionex on Instagram & twitter: @ibarionex

Andy’s website: www.andymcsweeney.com , @andymcphoto on Instagram & twitter

Photo Tour Brugge: www.phototourbrugge.com Use the promo code “thisphotolife” on checkout for -15%.

Deejay Biaz: www.soundcloud.com/biaz

My 5 Favorite Guests on The Candid Frame

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Ibarionex (as guest) : Episode 15, Episode 109, Episode 142, Episode 251

5 Favorite photos by Ibarionex:


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