Well how about that: This Photo Life podcast is back after a long time away and many distractions for yours truly! 🙂

I’m talking to Ian Van Landuyt about the cameras we carry and why, getting into what the camera makers are up to and where we feel things are either absolutely awesome or perhaps need some work and care. Yes: Canon & Nikon take some abuse.

Thanks for listening, drop us a line and/or share with others if you heard something you enjoyed…. Might encourage more silly babble. 😉


Ian’s website: http://ianvanlanduyt.be

Ian Van Landuyt on Instagram: http://instagram.com/ianvanlanduyt

Andy’s website: https://andymcsweeney.com

Andy on Youtube: http://youtube.com/andymcphoto

Andy’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/andymcphoto

Questions and comments: info@andymcsweeney.com 

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