Last week the City of Brugge/Bruges lost one of it’s most famous residents: Fidèle, the most photographed dog in Brugge. 🙁

Also known as the dog that sat in the window over the canal, he was a beloved fixture to the town to the point of his passing (age 12) made the papers!

A small tribute and photo tutorial to a very good dog, from my time as Photo Tour Brugge when we passed him on the morning “Edges of Brugge” tour and I’d share some tips next to shooting time.


Photo Tour Brugge:

Cote Canal:

Fidele on 500px:

Photos of Fidele:

  • Jessica L

    Hi Andy,
    I took a photo tour with you last August. My husband and I were the only ones on the tour.

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy receiving these emails and the information you provide.

    Good luck to you

  • Dawn Adams

    Hi Andy,

    I took your photo tour about a year and a half ago and was the only one attending that day so had a lovely one on one day with you, other than my dog Lulu that you met briefly. My photos of Fidele are some of my favorites from that day and I am very sad to hear of his passing but am grateful that I was abel to experience how special he was while he was here.

    At the time I took your tour I was living in Germany but am know living back in the states. I love receiving emails from you and hope you keep them coming.

    All the best,


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