Good to shift it up…


Released: Apr 1, 2015 – On ITunesDownload as Mp3 (right-click “save as…”)

This time on “This Photo Life” it’s thoughts on perspective and how to shake things up a little, and further news of Photo Tour Brugge 2015 that I’m hosting on April 11th.

I might even be getting used to this podcast thing and finding a rythym, that or it’s all nicely going to crap… All a matter of perspective and certainly part of the fun! 😉

Photo Walk Brugge details & registration:


  • Franck

    hello Andy,

    you’re always great ! nice pictures of India.. HDR ? are you know using Fuji camera ?
    hope back soon to this beautifull city of Bruges.
    Thank you for sharing

    • Andy McSweeney (author)

      Hi Franck,

      Thanks for the kind words on the India shots! Indeed some HDR here and there (one trick among many if needed), and also indeed been on the Fujis quite a bit in 2015. Still keeping my Nikon around, different tools for different jobs. 😉

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