Hi Gang,

This second episode of the show is a double pleasure to get out there, not just for having here to offer but for the fact it means things are truly moving forward.


These are wonderful if early days, and everyone actually checking out this show has been a boost to my nerves as I get things going. It means a lot, for that (and liking and sharing) I thank you profusely.

That said, what’s today’s show about? It’s a long one this week (more on that below), I thought I’d dive into 2 serious yet loving topics in the photo world, mirrorless cameras and (seperately) what it’s like being in a relationship with a photographer, the +1 in this photo life if you will.

For the mirrorless talk, I share out some thoughts to especially help those new to the camera format, from why you’d want one from which formats/brands to consider and my personal opinions on them. Take it as an overview and be sure to look around for the brand that works best for you, at the end of the day any of the ones mention have plenty of win!

In the second half of the show, it’s a chat with my wife (yes, Mrs Andy is in da house!) about the good and bad sides of being in a relationship with a photographer, while of course it’s a peek into our “deal” it’s offered up as a post=Valentine gift towards keeping that special love (no, not the camera) happy and by your side as you chase the shot.

Speaking of getting information out here in “This Photo Life” growing on a clear and timely manner, I think after 2 episodes it’s fair to say I’m making them too long when we near or surpass an hour. That’ll be a rare thing moving forward methinks, I think one topic per show with room to fully articulate my thoughts is the way. For example, in my rush to get through the various systems I think I should add that Olympus (and Lumix to an extent but only on my tastes) has points added for the “for photographers” mind of their cameras as well, many sensible buttons in many cool places. Sorry Oly, hope you catch this point still made it!

As mentioned on air, articulating my thoughts is still something I’m getting used to on this “show” format. Thanks for your support and patience, hope you’re getting the facts you need over my repetitive keywords (apologies to the ladies/ women that I keep saying “guys”) and settling of on air persona. Frankly once the 1st episode went out I felt a wave of “ok, feeling less neuro now” so hope that shines here and we all get to keep seeing it keep chilling the fudge out moving forward.

Ok, back to loving my new camera and my not-new-but-timelessly-wonderful woman, they’re both on this episode and both a treasured part of my photo life recently. The wife MUCH more and for much longer, obviously.

Enjoy the show!

– Andy

(…Wow, I used a lot of (brackets) there… My show I guess, so my show notes…)

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