So, the very first episode of “This Photo Life” now exists beyond an idea! Surreal and exciting!!!


In this premiere episode of a podcast dedicated to helping you improve your photography and sharing aspects of our lives photographic,I offer up some advice on getting a new idea/project/something off the ground and into actually happening. Then, grab a pen and paper (or just check the links below) as I list off some of my favorite photography podcasts, major channels of inspiration for both my photography and now podcast duties.

Every episode ends with a Featured Inspiration, which this week is yours to discover as it’s a surprise. I think you’ll like it.

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Thanks for the Music!

Tunes & sound mixed by Biaz:

Favorite Photography Podcasts

As discussed on the show, a few of my very favorite photography podcasts, endless (and portable) inspiration that’s served me very well as both photographer and now podcaster.

The Candid Frame:

The Art of Photography –

Lens Work podcast with Brooks Jensen –

Martin Bailey Photography Podcast –

This Week in Photography (TWIP) podcast & the TWIP network:

The Grid:

7 Photography Questions:

On Taking Pictures:

Honorable Mentions

Digital Photography Café:

Fro Knows Photo:



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