A lot of change is afoot with Andy.

I had that sentiment in the bio for my last ‘Andy’ website 3 years ago, having also recently established Photo Tour Brugge and taking my photo game to another level of development. It feels like that’s still happening, both with a brand new ‘Andy’ website reboot done (welcome afresh!) and the new photo edits therein (more on that later).¬†I love it, nothing better than when the wheels turn forward!

And with this next wave of change initiated, I’m going to try to focus the f* up on my writing and sharing of photography. Shockingly, it turns out I’m pretty good at spreading the photo love on my tours, and if you all say so (and hand me #1 on tripadvisor!!!) I’m going to take that trust and finally accept it… And run with it.

Now let’s all be clear here: My focus outside the camera can be spotty, don’t say I didn’t warn you. ūüėČ But¬†saying that, the main reason I love photography is that¬†it brings focus to life. Although I feel like much photo knowledge is¬†already out in the wild (and I’ll be sharing what I know there), I¬†guess it’s time to challenge that focus further… Even as a distracted-and-or-possibly lazy fella I concede it would be boring otherwise!

So what next? I write, and I talk, and I get it together to share out what I know in photography and creativity to help you get a better perspective on your shots. Of course I’m also taking requests on topics and any questions you may have, help inspire a post¬†by leaving a comment here or on my one of my social channels.¬†At least¬†once a week (Wednesday) I’ll be posting something based on that or my own impulses, and then finding a groove from there that I can call regular.

What truly happens next is often mislabeled “The Great Unknown”, but in fact it’s just the steady beat of change. We’ve all been through it,¬†and for anything¬†change is critical to growth, just as growth is critical to change.¬†It’s good stuff, much inspiring to me and hopefully charging you up too.

I’m both buzzing with delight and terror, such fun!

  • Bina

    Andy, looking forward to keeping up to date with your new journey…….

    • Andy Mc (author)

      Thanks Bina, looking forward to sharing! ūüôā

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