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Photographer, guide, instructor, coach as Photo Tour Brugge

Host of theThat Photo Feeling podcast, video livestream & community.

Portrait of happy waving Indian school boys on the streets of South-India

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My work as a photographer is “on the loose” but with focus:

Stories of people in life and light.

Architecture and landscapes, spaces worth exploring.

The little details that make the moment matter.

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Photo Tips & Tutorials

Thoughts for your photography, especially beyond the obvious.

Practical tips on the reality of rocking around with a camera.

Clear advice for better results from creative to technical.

Tutorials on gear and software used by yours truly, explained.

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That Photo Feeling

Andy’s weekly podcast, livestream, and now Clubhouse community…


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Black and white photo of a bridge over the canal with reflections and gable houses in Brugge, Belgium

As Photo Tour Brugge

My daily photo tour in beautiful Brugge (Bruges) Belgium…

The original and top rated since 2012 in Brugge.

+2000 guests from casual beginner to seasoned pro.

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Detail photo of the London Gherkin with symmetrical lines, blue glass and cloud reflections in London, United Kingdom

Photo Services

A look into the services I provide as a working photographer…

Portraits in Brugge

Architecture, inside & out.

Photo feedback on your photography.

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Photographer on the Loose…



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